Product and Ingredient Info

Where can I find nutrition and ingredient information?
Nutrition and ingredient information is located on the label of the bottles.
Do bottles need to be refrigerated after opening?
Yes, we recommend that opened bottles containing unused sauce be refrigerated.
How long will World Harbors products last once they're opened?
World Harbors products should be refrigerated and used within 60 days of opening the bottle.
What is the shelf life of World Harbors products?
World Harbors products have a shelf life of two years.
Where do I find the best by/expiration date on my product?
The best by/expiration date can be found on the back of the bottle on the top slanted panel directly under the cap.
Can I reuse World Harbors products?
Since World Harbors products are typically used on raw meat, we do not advise to reuse them.
Are your products kosher?
All World Harbors products are certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).
Are your products gluten-free?
World Harbors products are not gluten-free.
Do your products contain any bioengineered ingredients?
Our current formulas do not contain any bioengineered ingredients.
Allergen & Manufacturing Practices
Our products do not contain nuts in any of the formulas. We carry no peanut or tree nut ingredients in our inventory. We have strict allergen procedures to control for cross-contamination and we are audited to stringent standards in this area. We very carefully select vendors that will comply to the same food safety and quality standards as we do to ensure that cross-contamination will not occur in the manufacturing of the ingredients that we purchase.